Rates and Prices

Pricing for our services are based on the size and type of vessel being cleaned, or type of dock repair/maintenance performed.  As a reward for our loyal clients, we offer additional savings for those on a scheduled cleaning program, as well as bonus cleanings for new client referrals!  We will work with you to develop a cleaning regimen that will keep your vessel in optimum condition, and the best value for your individual needs.

Hull and Running Gear Cleaning


Power Boats 2.00-2.15/ft 
Sail Boats      1.75-2.00/ft
Paintless        2.50-hourly
Hourly             75-85.00 Per diver/hr
                          (depends on severity)
*All Rates are negotiable in certain cases and packages.

Prices vary on size of zinc/anode.
8-15.00 labor charge added per zinc dive.


Zinc and Prop Replacement


Underwater Repairs


Hourly Rates apply to all service except props

Prop removal/Install rates range from

25-200.00 depending on size and condition.

Dock Services



Dock Poll Clean and Wrap     55.00-85.00

*per poll rate/bulk discounts availible 






Emergency Recovery and Salvage


Please call for rates. Time and risk factors apply to certain jobs