Specialized Services


In addition to providing maintenance services for your yacht, Leviathan also offers specialized services to protect and maintain your docks or search and recover lost items and sunken vessels.  

Dock Service


In standard wood, metal and concrete piling systems, marine boring organisms and exposure to water promotes deterioration of the wood and concrete and corrosion of metal. Uncoated wood pilings may be destroyed by marine organisms in one year or less. 


The dock cleaning process starts with scraping off the hard growth from each float side and bottoms.  Common hard growths found attached to floats are: mussels, white worms, oysters, and barnacles. Mussels, barnacles and oysters can grow on dock floats within months, creating large communities covering the float sides and bottoms and increasing the dock weight considerably (hundreds of pounds of growth are not unheard of).  The result could lead to severe float damage and in some cases even cause the dock to sink.


We utilize protective dock pole wrap to encapsulate the pilings to the mud line/sand line.  This stops all existing wood borer activity by isolating the piling from the oxygen rich water and blocking the light needed by the wood borers to exist and survive. This also prevents future attack by marine wood borers since no part of piling is exposed to open water.

Emergency Recovery and Salvage


Underwater Search and Recovery is the process of locating and recovering underwater objects by divers.  The most common example of this would be an item lost overboard from a boat which needs to be recovered: car keys, jewelry, tools, or cell phone.  This frequently occurs near the dock or mooring.


Leviathan also provides a prompt cost effective solution to your required salvage. We assess your individual circumstance and will work with you to provide a solution. We have experience working with various insurance companies, maritime services (RMS) and private individuals. Our goal is to safely salvage your vessel.

The most common method of marine salvage is completed by lifting and re-floating with lift bags.  Once we have your boat to the surface, we will pump out the water to provide buoyancy so the boat can be towed to a marina, boat yard, or boat ramp for assessment.


What size of boats do we salvage?  Leviathan works with a network of other companies to be able to handle the most difficult salvage – no job is too big or too small.  Call us today to discuss your individual situation, and we will find a solution!