Cleaning and Repairs


Cleaning checking points include:

Waterline, hull, rudders, keel, trim tabs, thru hulls, intakes, thrusters, knot meters, transducers, struts, shafts, and propellers. 


Our divers will look for problems, damage, electrolysis activity, rust, bottom paint condition, paint blisters, fiberglass blisters and will generate a report which we will send a copy for your records. 

Hull and Running Gear Cleaning


Scheduled hull cleaning is an important factor in protecting your boat while increasing its performance and fuel efficiency. We use experienced divers to thoroughly remove the fouling that accumulates on your hull.


Our team of divers will clean from just above the waterline down including keels, through-hull fittings, running gear and propellers.  To protect your boat’s antifouling we use non-scratch sponges and nylon pads.  In cases of extreme fouling, stainless steel scrapers may be used to remove hard growth from running gear.

Leviathan's underwater boat cleaning program is tailored to provide stress free boating.  Our underwater maintenance program saves you money when considering a faster hull speed, higher engine R.P.M., less fuel consumption and cooler running engines.  
At Leviathan, we take personal pride in our work, and care for your vessel as if it were our own.

Zinc and Propeller Replacement


Stray current, dissimilar metals, salt water or galvanic corrosion... it can get very technical and complicated.  However, the solution is very simple: anode monitoring and replacement when needed.  Remember, our divers are your eyes underwater.  We can provide you with anodes/zincs, or you can provide your own that we will install for you.  This is such a relatively simple procedure, and can provide your vessel with the the corrosion protection it deserves.


We will change your anodes without the hassle and expense of having your boat lifted from the water.  Depending on the level of electrolytic action in your marine environment, anodes may need to be refreshed up to 3 or 4 times per year.   When you consider the damage that can be caused by a lack of anode on the boat, you will always want to be sure that your zincs are in proper condition.  Our divers will inspect anode condition with each cleaning and assist you  with keeping  your zincs fresh to ensure proper protection of your hull.