Superior Yacht Care

Scheduled hull cleaning is an important factor in protecting your boat while increasing its performance and fuel efficiency. Leviathan uses experienced divers to thoroughly remove the fouling that accumulates on your hull.


Our team of ship hull cleaning divers will clean from 6" above the waterline down including keels, through-hull fittings, running gear and propellers.  To protect your boat’s antifouling we use non-scratch sponges and nylon pads.  In cases of extreme fouling, stainless steel scrapers may be used to remove hard growth from running gear.

Leviathan's underwater boat cleaning program is tailored to provide for stress free boating.  Our underwater maintenance program saves you money when considering a faster hull speed, higher engine R.P.M., less fuel consumption and cooler running engines.  Our aim is to clean the boat better than you would.  We are, first and foremost, a boat hull cleaning & services organization that performs best management practices.  We offer extensive quality control inspections to insure that our underwater hull cleaning work is of the highest quality, with satisfaction guaranteed to the customer.  We accommodate customized hull cleaning schedules and serve all locations from yacht clubs, shipyards, and marinas to private residences.  


We are equipped with the best divers, professional gear, and

an unparalleled drive to satisfy our clients.


 Superior Dive Team and Technique

We provide end-to-end solutions for customers in the Central Florida/Gulf Coast area, including hull cleaning, installations and inspection.  When we undertake an underwater boat cleaning task, we check and re-check our own performance to give you top-notch results.  Providing our customers with an excellent value for their money is a fundamental aspect of our business.


Even as we go out of our way to employ cutting-edge methods for boat bottom cleaning, we never lose focus of our commitment towards the environment.  As a result, our stringently implemented best management practices benefit both your vessel and the environment.

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